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All Prior products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Return Policy

Core Returns:

All Core Returns should be properly marked and have sufficient paperwork to assure correct credit. All Cores are to be returned in the Original Box to receive credit.

Please drain all fluids from the master cylinders and hydraulic units.

Units purchased as complete (Booster with Master Cylinder) must be returned with the booster and master cylinder attached to receive credit.

The following are not acceptable for credit or exchange:

  • Badly rusted or corroded from the lack of use or neglect

  • Units not shown in our catalog or price list

  • Wrecked or burned units

Cores should be sent in less connections, fittings, air cleaners, mounting brackets (except some General Motors applications where the units may have brackets riveted on.)

Exchange prices are based on wear and do not cover missing, broken, or damaged parts, such as:

  • End Plates

  • Housings

  • Shells

  • Cans

  • Tubes

  • etc.

Charges for broken or missing parts are shown on the back page of the price sheet.

Warranty Returns:

Units returned for warranty credit are to be tagged with reason for return marked. Warranty Units can be returned with a regular shipment of old cores, but should be listed on a separate packing list.

Our warranty does not apply when units have been disassembled, improperly installed, improperly maintained, or repaired by anyone other than authorized personnel at our factory. Our warranty does not cover labor claims or other charges.

See our Warranty Policy from the link on our order page.

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