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Push Rods


Internal Push Rod Adjustment Instructions


All internal push rods are pre-adjusted at the factory.

Due to some master cylinders having different piston depths, the following instructions should be used to make sure that all internal push rod adjustments are correct.

  1. Install master cylinder on the booster mounting studs without the mounting nuts. If no resistance occurs, bolt the master cylinder to the booster. If the master cylinder cannot be placed flush against the booster without the internal push rod in the booster moving the master cylinder pistons, please proceed to step two.

  2. If resistance occurs, remove the master cylinder from the booster. Hold the internal push rod at the knurled area (see diagram below) and turn the adjustment screw at the end of the rod clockwise (to lower the overall length of the rod) ONE COMPLETE TURN ONLY. Then repeat step 1. Continue this process until no resistance occurs.

  3. Note - that some boosters do not have adjustment screws on the internal push rod. If the master cylinder will not fit flush against the booster, remove the internal push rod from the old unit and exchange it with the rod in the remanufactured unit. The master cylinder should then fit properly against the booster.

    After completing step 1, and the proper bleeding procedures, your pedal should be at the top. If your pedal travels too far when applied, or feels spongy, it could be the result of the internal push rod being adjusted IN to far. This could also be caused by air in the hydraulic system, so the entire hydraulic system should be checked. At this time, go back to step two, but turn the screw at the end of the rod counterclockwise one complete turn, then repeat step one.



If internal push rod is adjusted out too far, all brakes will be slightly applied, which can cause serious damage to the brake shoes and disc pads.

Special Note:

If the master cylinder is leaking, it must be changed at the same time as the booster.


Brake Pushrods


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