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Anti-Lock Brakes

Anti-Lock Brake Systems
Safety Tips

  • Assume that the system is under pressure. Discharge pressure in accordance with the manufacturers instructions before removing any hydraulic line or component.

  • Do Not disconnect or reconnect any electrical connectors while ignition is on. Damage to ABS Control Unit may result

  • Treat wheel speed sensors with respect. Speed rings must be pressed into hubs. Hammering, prying or using undue force during installation can effect their magnet values and cause inaccurate information for the Control Module.

  • Uneven tire and rim sizes on a vehicle will result in inaccurate wheel speed information being transmitted to the ABS Control Unit. This faulty information will cause ABS Lock-Out or erratic operation

  • If electrical welding on vehicle is required, disconnect the battery first, then the connectors to the on-board computers.

  • The ABS Unit operates at high pressures (2500 PSI or greater). Use only the manufacturers recommended hoses and components.

  • Use only recommended brake fluids. Do not use silicone brake fluids in systems with ABS.


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